“My earliest memories as a child are our family playing on the beach. We lived in small coastal town, 2.5 hours south of Sydney, everyone would spend their time at the beach, a town of 500 people and the natural landscapes, we embraced Mother Nature’s best. 

From frolicking in the shore to surfing, the ocean soon became a huge part of life, that I cherish everyday. From the age of 17, I travelled a lot and lived in multiple locations across Australia and Canada.

Fast forward several years, I turned 30, I knew I destined for more and I ached for new challenges, so I resigned from my full time work (Quiksilver Head Office - Torquay, Australia), packed up and moved to Bali to fulfil my dream as a photographer and I continued to surf and travel with my work continuing to where I am today…

I do multiple surf trips yearly, each month I’ve been exploring more of Indonesia, surfing new waves, seeing more of our grand world. I’m based in South West, Western Australia, however, I haven’t been home for two months.

With the relocation to Western Australia, I see the purity of the world, small population, no pollution, raw landscape while you surf, I can honestly say, it’s the best beaches in the world.

It makes me hope people realize this and we look after mother nature, as I see so much destruction of our waterways in my travels and pollution is out of control. If we all tried to change some simple habits and support sustainable products like @wearemona slowly the small impact will make a lasting impression in the future.

The ocean to me is purity, it’s my meditation. I rely on the ocean to calm my mind, whether I’m walking along the beach, surfing, swimming, or shooting with my water housing, it’s my escape and I find true happiness when I’m by the sea. It’ll always play a strong role in my life, I know without it I’m lost… so here’s to surfing forever!”

 - Fiona Peters

Words from our amazing MONA ambassador Fiona Peters as an entry in our recent #womanofthewater campaign. You can follow her journey @fionaleepeters or her photography account @fionapeters. Feel free to explore our instagram page @wearemona and see more beautiful stories women shared about what makes them Women of the Water.



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