Wonderful Ways to Celebrate Women’s Day

The feminine is rising, women are less afraid to speak out, vibrating their power and radiate their strength. Braver then ever before to show what they are truly and shamelessly capable of. These are the women we tend to look up to since we were little girls. Women who are not afraid to stand up and shine their bright light upon the world. It is thanks to these women, we ourselves feel empowered.

Growing up during different periods of time, we have all witnessed how women were being treated. To this day, we may be affected by society and the masculinity leading the world. However, I believe that nowadays we can all see positive magical shifts happening. Not only can we see and hear these changes, but we can also almost FEEL them deep within our beings and high up in the air. Notice and sense the creative, fearless and bold feminine energies awaken, and allow yours to follow.

It is on days like today we need to pause, look around, acknowledge and celebrate just how far we have come as women. We are, without doubt, the strongest beings in the universe. Consider ourselves, our daughters, mothers, and grandmothers. All the women that had fought when they were not allowed to, spoke their truth when they were told to remain silent, and protected what was supposed to be lost...

The world has taught us to act in certain ways. Ways that may not necessarily feel right or be of our own choice. Actions that are expected from us and are so deeply rooted within our beings that at times, we might not even question them. More so, to acknowledge if these even are in alignment with what we believe in. It is in this aspect that we need to step aside and observe, in order to be able to see the things that matter to us and create space to welcome them.

A very precious day such as today should be celebrated. The 8th of March 2019 marks International Women’s Day. On this unique day, we would love to welcome women to take some time and celebrate what should be celebrated every day.        

We carefully and lovingly prepared 3 steps to help you celebrate this day:

  1. UNITE
  2. LET GO
  3. LOVE


Bringing this Women’s Day into our attention we would like to invite women to unite and create a world where we stand together not apart. Celebrating and admiring each other's inner and outer beauty, see each other’s success as inspiration and motivation, rather than wilt at it in jealousy and envy.

Take this day to call your mother and thank her for all the hard work she’s done to be the best mother to you that she could.

Call your best friend and tell her you are proud of her. Call your sibling to tell them you love them. Approach a stranger tell her just how beautiful she looks today or that you adore her dress. Scrolling through your Instagram newsfeed, comment on random pictures complimenting other women. There is no need for a particular reason, but simply because they deserve to feel special today.

Now see how these little acts of love and ‘girl empowerment’ make you feel? Not only that but when we send love and kindness out into the world, it sooner or later comes back to us. Have you ever done a good deed and not a long after, something lovely happened to you?


Our energy is strongly affected by the moon - the feminine, and of course our cycles. It is said that during the time of our cycle, women not only face their own inner struggles but also years of history of pain and suffering which women in the past had experienced. Those are the times when it’s extremely important to observe our feelings and emotions. To see where they come from and if they are truly ours or they belong to our ancestor warrior women.

During this time it might be very helpful to practice mindfulness via yoga, meditation or journaling to be able to ‘read’ through your feelings. Once you are able to disassociate from those and any trauma that might not necessarily belong to you, you can approach these feelings with love and eventually let them go.

It is very important to learn to release what no longer serves us to find our inner peace, and what would be a better day to do so than International Women’s Day.


As human beings we are love and therefore we seek love. Only as we grow up we learn to hide our feelings under a layer of fear and disappointment. However, day by day we are becoming more conscious and aware. New lessons are being learned almost instantly, truths are being spoken out loud and our creativity becomes our freedom.

We often give love and affection to others but tend to forget about ourselves. Practicing self-love is just as important us showing love and kindness towards others. We truly have to love ourselves before we are able to give unconditional love to others.

Have you ever taken a plane flight? Do you remember the safety demonstration before take-off? You are advised, in case of emergency, to apply your own oxygen mask before helping others. That's the simplest example of how primary is self-love before other types of love!

So today, take some time to practice these 8 wonderful ways to celebrate Women’s Day - YOUR special day!

- Tell yourself just how amazing you are

- Know, that it’s okay to say no

- Breathe, rest and relax

- Recognize your self-worth

- Move your body and eat mindfully

- Be kind to yourself

- Allow yourself to get creative

- Be proud of yourself and grateful for your achievements

From all of us at MONA we would like to wish you a very happy Women's Day! May your day be filled with love & laughter!


Written by Veronika Blanar

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